Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Blog Is Born (Oh My Pregnant Head)

Twenty-Three years ago today there was a disturbance in the universe. A poor man and a poor woman welcomed a strange boy into the world. The boy was early according to doctor's standards - The boy, for his own part, cared nothing for time tables and expectations. That's not to say he doesn't appreciate proper timing, where some things are concerned. And so today he has set out to once again defy logic and maybe, just maybe, scare his poor parents. (probably not for the last time either) You see despite his gender the boy was determined to have a baby of his own, by unconventional means. A normal (human) baby was not an option, nor the objective. A figurative baby would do just fine. Thus he, or I, give to you.... Subliminal Maybe.


  1. Great Idea for a blog! Congrats on your birthing!

  2. Awesome!! Looking forward to what are sure to be uniquely strange but wonderful blogs. Does this mean I'm a grandma??

  3. At the very least you are now the mother to a father of a thought.